Evgeny Khokhlov spoke at a Forbes Conference “The Best Antitrust Practices”


On 22 October, Antitrust Advisory’s partner Evgeny Khokhlov participated in the prestigious Forbes conference entitled “The Best Antitrust Practices 2021”. Speakers discussed the most vital competition topics, including price regulation, transparency of the review process related to merger control, case-law on the compensation of damages resulting from the antitrust law violations, etc.

Evgeny Khokhlov spoke at the session Russian case-law: antitrust cases and recent lawsuits with his presentation entitled Principles of Digital Markets Functioning Proposed by FAS of Russia Through the Prism of the Law-Enforcement Practice. Evgeny described main principles of interaction of the digital market participants approved by FAS in September 2021 at the IT Expert Council.

“The Principles of the Digital Market Participants’ Interaction Adopted by the Expert Council of FAS of Russia became a landmark event in antitrust law. The document is based upon the principles of self-governance. Such approach is the most acceptable option for resolving disputes in the digital markets in Russia at this stage, as opposed to direct state regulation which risks staying behind the dynamic nature of competition in digital markets”.

Evgeny focused on the Supreme Court’s approach to economic analysis in antitrust cases, and put a question regarding the readiness of judges to apply economic analysis when examining antitrust cases.

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