Antitrust Advisory participates in the preparation of Good Practices to combat counterfeit goods on marketplaces


Antitrust Advisory in cooperation with the Association of Corporate Lawyers (ACL) and with the participation of the FAS of Russia has developed and presented Good Practices for interaction between marketplaces, rights holders and sellers, aimed at combating the sale of counterfeit goods on marketplaces.

Antitrust Advisory partner Alexander Egorushkin was directly involved in drafting the document and developing the mechanisms to combat counterfeit goods, heading a working group of industry representatives.

The document consolidates clear procedure and good faith approaches that allow rights holders together with marketplaces to remove offers of suspected counterfeit goods from sale if the seller fails to provide sufficient proof that the goods are genuine.

One of the tools available to rights holders to detect suspected counterfeit goods is a “red flag” system of indicative characteristics of such goods. The mechanism will help rights holders to track questionable goods on marketplaces, which will help protect not only their intellectual property rights on marketplaces, but also the interests of consumers themselves.

The Good Practices are based on the principles of self-regulation, where all parties involved in the industry have together developed the most effective and sophisticated tools to combat counterfeit goods on online platforms – a significant event in the field of e-commerce.

The text of the Good Practices is publicly available on the website of the ACL.