Alexander Egorushkin took part in the flagship retail event Russian Retail Show 2024


At the flagship retail event Russian Retail Show 2024, Antitrust Advisory together with the Association of Corporate Lawyers held a session dedicated to anti-counterfeiting measures in e-commerce. Partner Alexander Egorushkin, who leads the ACL group on the development of good practices in the sphere of combating counterfeit goods on marketplaces, moderated the session.

During the panel discussion, representatives of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (the “FAS of Russia”), the ACL, the Centre for Strategic Research, as well as major marketplaces and FMCG companies discussed what is currently happening with counterfeiting in Russian e-commerce and how it is being combated.

Particular attention was paid to the role of the FAS Russia in the fight against counterfeiting, differences in tools to combat counterfeiting online and offline, the role of right holders, and other issues.

Representatives of the FAS of Russia emphasised the importance of further development and popularisation of Good Practices not only among Russian right holders and marketplaces, but also in the CIS countries. In turn, Alexander Egorushkin noted that the document is a work in progress and urged attendees of the session to contribute to improving the Good Practices.