Why choose us

A few reasons why we are chosen as a competition counsel:

Getting to know your business

Our primary aim is to build long-standing relationships with our clients. For this reason, we intend to invest our time and efforts in getting to know our clients’ businesses.


We believe that this is one of the key factors for providing such competition law advice that is most relevant to the clients’ needs.

Brining economic expertise into law

One of the key trends in the past few years in Russia is that economic reasoning of competition cases has become more significant. We believe that no competition advice could be provided without applying an approach combining legal and economic arguments.


Therefore, we base our advice to clients on the economic analysis of each case conducted with the involvement of key experts in this field.

Focusing on competition compliance

We believe that competition risks could significantly be mitigated by implementing a workable compliance policy. In our experience, many competition cases arise as a result of accidental or careless behaviour of certain employees rather than deliberate violations of antitrust rules.


We aim at helping our clients mitigating competition risks to the extent that it is practically possible.

Providing commercially-oriented advice

In our experience, competition law risks could never be eliminated unless the business stops operating. We understand that our clients need to apply new commercial practices in order to provide better products to customers, which could sometimes be questionable from the competition law perspective.


Our aim is therefore to provide such advice which will help achieve our clients’ commercial goals with as lesser competition risks to them as practically possible.

Applying best international practices

Our lawyers have extensive experience in advising multinational companies on competition and other regulatory matters. This has given us an insight into the best commercial practices recognised internationally.


We are happy to share this insight with those of our clients which are expanding their operations or need to develop a different approach to the current structure of their business.